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Antibiotics - A necessary evil

Have you ever given your pet antibiotics?

We all know how beneficial, and sometimes life saving, antibiotics can be for both ourselves and our pets. But, have you ever considered the side effects of giving your pet antibiotics?

There has been plenty of information floating about in recent years about gut flora, the healthy gut bacteria that your pet's stomach needs to function properly.

A side effect of giving your dog or cat antibiotics is that it is like pouring weedkiller on their gut flora. As a result, antibiotics can have a really detrimental effect on your pet's stomach health.

Natural pet remedies may offer a solution to the problems that antibiotics can cause. The Holistic Hounds Digestion Blend can be given whilst your dog or cat is taking a course of antibiotics and is one of the natural pet remedies that will help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

As you know, at Holistic Hounds we are all about natural pet remedies, however there are times when more traditional medicines are needed. At these times, nature can still provide a helping hand and natural pet remedies can be used to help deal with any side effects.

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