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Apoquel - Alternative natural pet remedies

One of the most common ailments that people ask Holistic Hounds for help with is skin allergies, and one of the most common drugs that these pets are on is Apoquel.

Apoquel is the brand name of a drug called oclacitinib. It is a “selective Janus kinase inhibitor”. It is a fast acting drug that is designed to stop itching and reduce inflammation. Apoquel can start working within a matter of hours, however it's effects can wear off just as quickly. One of the ways it works is by suppressing the immune system.

Anything that suppresses the immune system is a treatment to is targeting the dogs symptoms only, and not dealing with the cause. As a result, apoquel often ends up being a long term medication that your dog will stay on for the rest of their life. There are also other issues with suppressing the immune system in that your dog can be more vulnerable to infections and other illnesses.

Other side effects are listed as:



Appetite loss


New cutaneous or subcutaneous lumps

Decreased leukocytes

Decreased globulins

An increase of lipase and cholesterol

Bloodied diarrhea



Skin and ear infections


An increase in appetite

An increase in aggression

And developed polydipsia

Given the potential problems that Apoquel can cause, many people try to find a natural pet medicine to use as an alternative, natural herbs for dogs may well be able to help and Holistic Hounds have two products specifically developed to support your dog's skin.

The first product is Holistic Hounds Skin Infusion. This can be used as a topical treatment to help soothe particularly problematic skin problems. The skin infusion is formulated to soothe the skin and help promote healing.

The second product is the Holistic Hounds Skin Blend. This natural pet medicine is added to the food on a daily basis. The herbs contained within this blend have anti-inflammatory properties, natural pain relief, soothing properties, natural antihistamine and promote good general skin health.

We know of no reason why these products can't be used alongside Apoquel, or as an alternative if that is a road you do not wish to go down.

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