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Updated: May 28, 2019

There are many products on the market that claim to help with dog calming, some are artificial dog calming supplements, some are distraction devices, some are designed to make the dog feel physically re-assured.

At Holistic Hounds we have two herbal blends that can help with dog calming and three aromatherapy spritz sprays. We’ll cover these in more details later in the post.

Generally speaking, there are two reasons why people want to use a dog calming product, either anxiety or over excitement. The reason that it is needed will drive what type of dog calming product you choose to try.

Taking a truly holistic approach, as we always do at Holistic Hounds, the first thing to consider is whether or not your dog’s exercise needs are being met. If your dog is bored and frustrated then it is likely that this will manifest as either anxieties or over excitement, and the surplus energy may prevent any dog calming method from working effectively. The amount of exercise needed will vary from breed to breed. Remember, running around a garden, no matter how big, is no substitute for a walk. From the walk your dog gets mental stimulation of exploring new sights and sounds, they bond with the person walking them, and a good lead walk provides some structure and discipline.

Secondly, take a look at your dog’s diet. A diet that is too high in protein, or has too many additives can lead to behavioural problems.

If the problems are at home or in the car, music can be used as an effective dog calming tool when used alongside other products, this can be particularly effective when used alongside an aromatherapy dog calming product as the two senses will work together. A recent study has shown that reggae music is as effective as classical music at dog calming – go with your preference, if you find the music relaxing this is likely to transfer to your dog.

Holistic Hounds offers three spritz sprays, all of which can help with over excitement or anxiety and are a gentle, natural dog calming product. Aromatherapy sprays are a good dog calming option as in addition to the benefit of the aromas themselves, when a dog sniffs and inhales, it releases hormones which naturally calm the dog

1. Calming Spritz Spray – This spray is best used before, or during, an event that your dog struggles to deal with. For example, if your dog suffers with separation anxiety this spray can be sprayed on the dog, and their bedding, before you go out.

2. Soothing Spritz Spray – This spray is best used during and after an event that your dog struggles with. For example, if you dog will not settle after a walk use the spray on the dog and it’s bedding to relax them.

3. Energising Spritz Spray – This spray is best used to motivate your dog to do something they find challenging. For example, if your dog is anxious about car journeys, spray the dog and the car before asking the dog to jump in. This calming dog product should help them more eager to jump in!

Holistic Hounds also offers two dog calming herbal blends. These are added to your dog’s food daily and can help to deal with general anxiety or excitement issues.

The Calming Blend is a dog calming product that acts as a gentle sedative to your dog, the idea is that when they are presented with a situation that is either scary or exciting they take a breath, and process the situation before reacting. This can be extremely beneficial when dealing with anxiety reactions.

The Focus Blend is a dog calming product that is formulated to encourage your dog to look for guidance when presented with a situation that is either scary of exciting. This blend can have fantastic results when used alongside positive reinforcement training techniques.

It’s worth remembering that every dog is different, and what works for one may not work for the next.

If you need any help selecting on the Holistic Hounds dog calming products, please get in touch.

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