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Herbs For Cats

Updated: May 28, 2019

You may have read our earlier blog post "Herbs For Dogs" about how dogs are natural herbalists. The same is true of cats, although this is to a much lesser degree than dogs. This is probably because the cat is more of a carnivore, and their diet is predominantly meat based.

Quite often, a cat can get the benefits of a herb by rubbing up against it, and not always needing to eat it. There are plenty of herbs for cats which can be beneficial, sometimes a cat just needs a little more help in getting the right ones!

A cat metabolises herbs differently to dogs or humans - this is because their digestive system works differently! Just look at how a cat reacts to catnip to see how unique a cats reaction to herb can be. This is why extra care is needed when choosing herbs for cats.

Holistic Hounds have developed all of their products with the specific needs of cats in mind, all of our products are suitable for use with both cats and dogs. We made sure that our blends were made with herbs for dogs that were also herbs for cats!

Anything that you think you know about herbal remedies needs to be forgotten when you are selecting herbs for cats, research is key here - Holistic Hounds have already done all the hard work for you so that our blends are guaranteed to be suitable herbs for cats.

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