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When people think of dogs, and their diet, they general presume that dogs are carnivores. This isn't the case. The dog is naturally an omnivore, an animal that eats both meat and vegetable matter.

The complete dog foods that many of us feed our pets include vegetables and some herbs for dogs. You can use herbs for dogs to supplement this food and provide a natural medicine for dogs.

Holistic Hounds is a business that specifically focuses on herbs for dogs, and our herbal pet products are designed to either be added to your dogs food or to be applied topically. We know a little about herbs for dogs but we are not the true experts.

The true experts when choosing herbs for dogs are dogs themselves. The dog is a natural herbalist, and will often try to select the herbs they need if they are unwell.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle means that our dogs can't always access the herbs they need. Plus, we are often reluctant to judge our dog's judgement when it comes to choosing what they should and shouldn't eat (especially if you're a labrador owner!).

That's why Holistic Hounds has developed a range of blends that contain a mixture of herbs for dogs, thus taking away the frustration of the dog and the anxiety of the owner.

If you're interested in what herbs we use, or why we use them, take a look at the Our Herbs section of our website.

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