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Holistic Dog Care - The Very Basics

Have you opened this blog post expecting to read about basic natural herbs for dogs? Maybe details of some of the most common herbal remedies for dogs?

Well, when it comes to basic holistic dog care - all natural dog supplements don’t even feature (they’re both useful and important) there are certain things that are more basic and much more important.

At Holistic Hounds we believe there are four basic cornerstones to holistic dog care. Three of them are met by nearly every dog owner, the fourth is unfortunately neglected by too many.

1. Provide Fresh Water

Without water, there is no life. Every living thing needs water to survive, so ensuring that your dog has access to fresh drinking water is one of the basic care requirements.

2. Provide Food

Food is energy, it’s how the body is fueled and without food the body can’t function. There’s lots to be said about the type of food, but for the purposes of this blog post we’re just going to say that feeding your dog is essential!

3. Provide Shelter

We all want a warm, dry place to sleep. Your dog is no different. Thankfully, very few dogs are kept as “outdoor dogs” these days, but however you keep you dog, you need to make sure they have a place to shelter from the wind and rain, where they can stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

4. The Daily Walk

This is the one that is far too often forgotten about, People fail to realise how important the walk is to both the physical, and mental, health of your dog.

The physical benefits are obvious, we all know you need to stay fit and active in order to stay healthy, but what about the mental benefits.

We are told that exercise in humans results in the body releasing endorphins that improve our mood and mental health, the same is try in dogs.

But it’s not just that, imagine being shut in your house - there’s no power so phones, TV, radio and computers are all out of the question. There are no books, and there are no chores to be done - you have a tennis ball and a rope toy to play with and you get to go in the garden for 10 minutes three times a day.

Now, imagine that is your life day in, day out - you’d go insane right? Well if your dog doesn’t get to go out and explore the world with you, that is their life! Is it any wonder that dog’s who don’t get taken out for a daily walk develop anxieties and behavioural problems?

A dog should be walked every day, in as many different places as possible, at Holistic Hounds we believe this is good for your health, good for your dog’s health and good for your relationship with each other.

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