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If you are someone who only wants to use natural pet remedies on your four legged friend, then finding a completely natural product to apply to your pet externally can be difficult.

So many of the creams and lotions that are marketed as natural treatments for pets are herbal pet remedies in a chemical carrier cream.

That's why we developed the range of Holistic Hounds Infusions. By adding water to 100% natural herbs for dogs and herbs for cats you can create a totally natural solution that can help treat sore ears, eyes or skin patches.

The instructions are as follows, and can be found on the back of each packet:

Place a teaspoon of the blend in to one of the bags, then put infusion bag in to a mug, pour on freshly drawn water, just off the boil (reboiled water loses the oxygen which brings out the goodness of the herbs). Leave to infuse whilst the solution reaches room temperature. Once cooled, remove the bag (which should be rinsed and reused) and apply the solution 3 or 4 times a day to the required area using a lint free cloth.

Use a new solution each day.

Each pack contains around 14 teaspoons of herbal mixture and two reusable tea bags.

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