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Insect Bites

Our four legged friends, canine and feline, are as susceptible to insect bites as we are, and they can be just as miserable for them!

There's a wide variety of bugs that will either bite or sting our dogs and cats, and you should always bear in mind that some insects can transmit very nasty illnesses. With this in mind, prevention is always a priority and any bite or sting should be closely monitored.

When it comes to prevention, Holistic Hounds Worm & Flea Deterrent is the one of our herbal pet products that can be given to your cat or dog to help prevent insects being attracted to them.

If your pet has been bitten or stung, and you want to soothe the area, and help accelerate the healing, then the Holistic Hounds Skin Infusion could be the choice of herbal pet supplies for you.

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