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July For Holistic Hounds

We're at the end of another month, only five left this year - where does the time go?

July has been a fantastic month for us here at Holisitic Hounds. Who knew that a business built around natural pet remedies could have so many high points?

The month started with us moving our business storage from a self storage unit in Netherton to a lock up unit behind our weekly market in Kingswinford. Not only do we have bags more space, but it's super convenient for when we're doing Kingswinford Market every Thursday - it also means that you're now much more likely to see the Holistic Hounds van around Kingswinford as we're there most days (or evenings) doing jobs and getting things sorted. The move has been a huge success and we're absolutely delighted with our new set up!

As a result of the move, we fell a little behind with our production and as such the first week of the month was spent grinding roots and blending leaves to get our stock levels back up.

Our first special event of the month was Halesowen Carnival, despite the weather letting us down we had a great day. There were plenty of dogs around, and lots of interesting people. Stress and anxiety seemed to be the issue of the day, with us mainly selling the Holistic Hounds Calming Blend and the Holistic Hounds Calming Spritz Spray. There was one particular customer who stood out for us, she was hoping to get some help with her dogs fear of the dark, we were told that it had gotten so bad that they hadn't had a full nights sleep for a long time. We suggested trying our herbal blend and the calming spritz spray - we were lucky enough to hear about the results later in the month - read on to find out what happened!

Kingswinford has been steady for us this month, we have some fantastic regular customers who come to see us on Kingswinford market that make it worth us turning up every week. Kingswinford market is our most regular market, so it's the best place to come and find us if you need any help and advice or if you just need to replenish your supply. The second week of the month saw us doing an extra day on Kingswinford market, we were there on the Saturday and it's amazing how many new faces you see just by swapping the day.

The third week of the month saw us in our usual spot in Halesowen, the weather wasn't on our side again and town didn't seem particularly busy - we weren't expecting a lot. The day got off to the best possible start, the lady we met at the carnival, with the dog who was scared of the dark, came to see us again, the first words out her mouth "You're a miracle worker..." - is there any better way to start the day? After 5/6 days of using the calming blend and the calming spritz spray her dog was sleeping through the night. Although not 100% comfortable after dark she could see a marked improvement and things had continue to improve! This is exactly why Holistic Hounds was started, hearing that our products have helped a dog and owner in this was is just beyond amazing. Despite our reservations about the day, we went on to have our best days trade ever - a mixture of repeat customers, recommendations and new customers who just happened to be passing - we didn't stop all day and our stock levels took a real bashing - thank you to everyone who supported us in Halesowen this month and thank you to Bescot Promotions who always do a fantastic job of putting on the market. A complete change in the products that sold, our best seller was the Herbal Hounds Skin Blend by a huge margin (we actually sold out!).

Following our success at Halesowen, we spent the first part of week four replenishing our stock (which was not fun in the hot weather!). When Thursday came with temperatures of over 30c, we had to take the difficult decision to cancel our attendance at Kingswinford Market. We did this for two reasons, firstly when the packets of herbal blend are out in very hot weather, especially if it's direct sunlight, they can sweat. When the herbs sweat it can severely reduce the shelf life of the products and we didn't want to risk losing stock, or more importantly selling stock that was not at it's best. The second, and most important, reason was that with the temperature at those levels it wouldn't have been safe, or fair, to have our own dog out on the market. Nor do we think it would have been fair to leave him at home all day with the windows shut, so we stayed home too and enjoyed the sunshine with the fans on, the windows open and a pint or two of cider!

We finished the month by attending a fantastic event, The Trimpley Heavy Horse Show. It was our first time attending the event and the weather forecast wasn't great - so we didn't know what to expect. The weather was actually quite kind to us, and with the exception of one short, light shower - it stayed dry. The turnout was lower than expected, probably because of the forecast, but the event was still well attended. There were some fantastic stalls there and the horses were stunning, as were many of the dogs we saw - one of our favourite parts of the day was the agility display by Doggy Daycare Dog Training, it was their first year doing a display and they all did exceptionally well! We had another successful day, but with another change in our best selling product - it was the senior blend that was the star of the day. Clearly, Trimpley has an aging canine and feline population.

This week sees us busy topping up our stock levels ready for our regular markets on Kingswinford on Thursday and Stourbridge on Saturday. We had so much on in July that we didn't get to Stourbridge (we did do an extra day in June to make up for it though) so we're really excited to get back.

Here's hoping for an equally busy and successful August 2019!!!

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