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Natural Dog Breath Freshener (For cats too!)

Updated: May 28, 2019

Holistic Hounds offers a natural dog breath freshener. Our Fresh Blend is a natural treatment for pets with bad breath.

Dogs and cats shouldn’t have smelly breath, if you are starting to smell something unpleasant pet’s mouth, there could be an underlying problem. Bad breath normally occurs as the result of bacteria in your pet’s mouth, lungs or stomach. If the smell is only there occasionally, it may be because of something they’ve eaten.

If the smells constant, it’s worth having a vet check their mouth and teeth before using a natural dog breath freshener.

Once the cause has been identified, and treatment has been started, you may want to consider using a natural dog breath freshener to make having your pet close less of an unpleasant experience.

The Holistic Hounds Fresh Blend contains four key ingredients. Parsley and mint are the two that are most commonly found in a natural breath freshener. Parsley is one of nature's most effective odour neutralisers and mint provides a fresh scent.

Cinnamon is more unusual in a natural breath freshener, it’s included in the Holistic Hounds product because of it’s powerful antibacterial properties, which may help with any minor infections within the mouth. It also has antifungal properties, and of course smells great!

The final ingredient within Holistic Hounds natural breath freshener is Irish moss which has antibacterial properties, is said to support internal digestive health. Calcium phosphate salts found in irish moss can help to keep teeth strong and healthy.

A natural dog breath freshener can be a great way to make your pet’s mouth smell cleaner and fresher, just be careful that you are not masking an underlying problem.

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