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Natural Pet Remedies

Updated: May 28, 2019

Here at Holistic Hounds we offer natural pet remedies, these are natural treatments for pets to try and combat some of the day to day conditions our pets may be dealing with.

Our herbal pet products form our main range, and we specialise in blending natural herbs for dogs and cats that can offer various health benefits. We also offer another type of natural pet remedies which is our range of aromatherapy spritz sprays, these can be used alongside our herbs for dogs and our herbs for cats.

Natural pet remedies are best used as part of a holistic approach to your pets health (hence the name, Holistic Hounds). Holistic means to consider the whole thing, rather than to see it as a collection of parts. When relating to medicine, a holistic approach is to consider the whole lifestyle of the pet, not just the symptoms they are displaying. This is why many of our herbs for dogs and herbs for cats are blended with general well being as a base aim.

For many people, a holistic approach is explored when conventional treatments haven’t worked, come with too many side effects or seem too invasive. For others, the first steps to a holistic approach are taken based on recommendation. Whatever the reason, natural pet remedies are a good option to explore and Holistic Hounds is here to help.

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