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Every now and then, we like to post about what the best selling Holistic Hounds products are. Since we started creating the Holistic Hounds range, the best sellers have always been our calming natural pet remedies, whether that be our calming or soothing spritz sprays or our calming herbal blend.

Well, this time it's all change. The calming herbal blend has been relegated in to third place and has been replaced in the top spot by our Skin Blend. It seems that the changin weather in the UK this year has led to a surge in seasonal allergies and people have been seeking relief for their pets from our Skin Blend with fantastic results being reported.

Also linked to the weather is the rise in parasites that are around at the moment, this explains why our second best selling product is our worm and flea deterrent. Flea and worm treatments are an area where people are increasingly looking to natural pet remedies to replace the role of the traditional chemical treatments.

It's always interesting to know what problems are common at any given time, and don't worry, we always make sure we're well stocked on all of our products!

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