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Steroids - The Side Effects

At Holistic Hounds, we are not against the use of conventional, allopathic medicine for your pet. We just feel that it should be used as a last resort when other natural treatment for pets haven’t helped.

A conventional medicine that is often prescribed to dogs and cats is steroids. Steroids can offer great relief from many conditions, but this relief comes at a cost.

Steroid use can lead to stomach ulcers, they can delay healing of wounds, hormone imbalances can occur, reduction of immune system meaning that infections can’t be fought , irregular blood sugar levels, and poor liver performance.

To help combat the side effects of steroids, natural treatments for pets can be used.

Depending on the age of your pet we would suggest using either the Holistic Hounds Boost Blend or the Holistic Hounds Senior Blend, the herbs for dogs and herbs for cats that are used in both of these blends, may help to counteract the side effects of steroids.

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