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The dark side of summer........

Summer has officially arrived and despite temperatures at night varying from chilly through to sticky, athe bugs and insects will soon be in their element!

The biggest problem facing dog and cat owners throughout the summer are ticks, and from the looks of things in our social media feeds, plenty of people are having problems with them at the moment.

Ticks are spider like (they have eight legs) egg shaped blood sucking creatures. They can be found in woodland, grassland and heath areas, but also in some rural gardens. you are particularly likely to find them in areas where there are a lot of deer or sheep. So basically, they're in all the best dog walking spots!

Removing ticks can be tricky, and it's best to use a special tick removal tool - trying to use your fingers can result in squeezing the tick's body which leads them to expel the blood back in to your pet, this increases the risk of infection. There are plenty of you tube guides on how to remove ticks.

When it comes to using herbal pet products to combat ticks, there are two types of product you can use. One is preventative such as the Holistic Hounds Worm & Flea Deterrent which has ingredients that act as general parasite deterrents and aims to make your pets less appealing to various little critters!

Then there's the products than can be used to treat a tick bite and the associated rash, like the Holistic Hounds Skin Infusion which will soothe the area and help with healing.

Remember, out products are made from herbs for dogs and herbs for cats so are suitable for most of our furry friends!

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