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Wednesday Wisdom - Herbs For Dogs / Herbs For Cats

All of the Holistic Hounds products are prepared by hand, which means that the root herbs that we use have to be ground. Our least favourite to deal with is Valerian, not only does it have an effect on us and make us very sleepy, the smell is horrendous.

Who would have thought that something that smells of the most pungent sweaty socks would be such a good choice of herbs for dogs or herbs for cats.

Valerian is a herbal supplement with mild sedative qualities that humans have traditionally used to alleviate insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Valerian can also be used to help control seizures and deal with stomach cramps.

When it comes to herbs for dogs and herbs for cats, not many people realise that cats metabolise herbs differently to dogs, and certainly to humans - this is one of the reasons that so much time had to be put in to developing the Holistic Hounds blends. Valerian is a herb that demonstrates this, it's one of those herbs for cats that can trigger a feeling of euphoria in cats similar to catnip.

Valerian can be found in the following Holistic Hounds products:

Holistic Hounds Calming Blend

Holistic Hounds Focus Blend

Holistic Hounds Digestion Blend

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