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Wednesday Wisdom - Herbs for Dogs & Herbs for Cats

One of our favourite ingredients to deal with when making Holistic Hounds natural pet remedies is fennel seeds. The reason for this is that it has to be one of the best smelling ingredients we use. An aniseed type smell that fills our mixing room in seconds!

Fennel seed is an effective aid to digestion. It can help the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps. In addition, studies have suggested that Fennel Seeds provide an effective pain relief and can help relax the muscles of the body. This makes fennel see a great holistic medicine for animals.

The herbal pet supplies from Holistic Hounds that fennel seeds can be found in are the Holistic Hounds Digestion Blend and the Holistic Hounds Joints Blend.

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