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Why choose Holistic Hounds?

Holistic Hounds was started as we wanted to find more natural pet products that could help treat many common ailments that our pets may experience throughout their life. Many of the products available at big pet stores, or even prescribed by the vet, contain a wide array of chemicals, many of which have some horrific potential side effects.

When you start looking in to the holistic medicine for animals that is available, it can be a very confusing topic! There are recipes for home remedies, but they don't give you much information on dosage. There are dog joint supplements that are marketed as natural herbs for dogs or natural herbs for cats, but they all seem to contain extracts and come in pill form - which makes you question how natural they actually are.

In addition, there are plenty of sites, and blogs, online that tell you to use this herb for this problem, or this plant for another. But then when you go on to the next site you'll be told that these things are toxic to your pet - if you're a novice then choosing herbs for dogs or cats can be a real minefield.

The Holistic Hounds tagline is "Doing Things Nature's Way", and this is the philosophy we follow. Holistic Hounds products don't use extracts, we don't over process the herbs we use and we certainly don't add anything other than natural herbs to our herbal pet products.

It is our belief that nature put things together for a reason, this is why we don't extract a chemical from the leaf of a plant, but rather use the whole leaf. All of our herbs are dried and chopped only, no other processing is done, we keep things as natural as possible.

We've also done all the hard work in researching the ingredients we use. Nothing that is put in to any of the Holistic Hounds herbal pet products is toxic to your cat or dog. If one of your pets were to get hold of a packet of any of our blends and eat the lot, the only likely effect would be an upset stomach!

If you're looking for a natural, environmentally friendly solution to your dog or cats health problems then the Holistic Hounds range could be exactly what you need!

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