Akela believes in providing the best quality nutrition which is why all our food is free from grain and gluten and made with only the best natural ingredients. This delicious cat food contains;

  • Valerian and Chamomile, which promotes calmness and well-being
  • Cranberries - rich in vitamins and good for urinary health
  • Glucosamine, Rosehips and Chondroitin to aid in joint health and function.
  • 25% Salmon,
  • 25% Herring,
  • 15% Shrimp,
  • 35%Fruit, Veg and Botanicals

Suitable for cats, kittens and ferrets.

Vet approved, hypoallergenic and free from grain, gluten, dairy, soya or pork.

Akela Grain-Free Complete Wet Cat Food Fish Feast 190g