Our Calming Spritz Spray is made by blending chamomile and lavender floral water.  It can promote calm and relieve anxiety. It can be used for situations that some pets find stressful such as thunderstorms, fireworks night, trips to the vet or as an aid in separation anxiety. It can also help to promote a restful night's sleep and can help dogs to settle in a new home or when away. 


Floral waters offer a more subtle smell which can be less overwhelming for our pet's super sensitive noses. Remember, a dogs sense of smell is over 40 times stronger than our own, and a cat's up to 15 times stronger than ours. 


Just spray on to your pet's coat and leave it to dry naturally. An added bonus of using the spritz spray is that your pet is left smelling like natural, sweet herbs!


Lavender - Fresh, light and floral lavender water is balancing and calming.

Chamomile -  Sweet, apple like, and herbaceous chamomile water is gentle, calming and relaxing.


We only use true hydrosols in our Spritz Sprays, obtained from the steam produced during the distillation of essential oils. It is also sometimes called a floral water. We add a natural preservative, approved by COSMOS to your hydrosols to give them an extended shelf life. Wherever possible we source organic hydrosols.



Calming Spritz Spray (75ml)