For a fragrant bath time that will leave your pup smelling sweet, look no further than this lovely Rhubarb & Rose Natural Shampoo. Sweet & soothing, this fresh fragrance will linger on your pet’s fur, leaving them looking & smelling wonderful.


All of the Herbal Dog Co grooming products harness the power of essential oils & herbal extracts, so you can rest assured that the sweet, smooth smell of Rhubarb & Rose is all natural & there are no nasty chemicals lurking in any of these shampoos. This means that Rhubarb & Rose Natural Shampoo is a great choice for dogs of all ages & will be gentle on their skin.

So for the ultimate bath time experience, simply lather a small amount of the Rhubarb & Rose Natural Shampoo into wet fur & gently wash away any dirt & grime that may have become trapped in your pup’s coat.

Herbal Dog Co. Natural Shampoo - Rhubarb & Rose