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Our Story

Holistic Hounds was established in 2018, producing a unique range of herbal supplements with the aim of gently balancing your pets, both physically and mentally, using the tools that nature has given us.

Within a few months it had become apparent from our conversations with our customers that one area that was proving to be a real minefield for dog and cat owners was diet. So many people wanted help with providing the pets with natural food and treats that we decided to take a selection of treats to the markets and events we were attending.

We became a regular feature on several street markets throughout the West Midlands and became known for offering treats that were free from additives, preservatives and had not been overloaded with sugar and salt.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in spring 2020, we were unable to keep our customers supplied as all of our markets and events had been cancelled. It was during the first lockdown that we decided the time was right to open a shop, and we used the time to plan and develop our offering. Then, in November 2020 we moved in to our premises at 135 Dudley Road, Brierley Hill and our doors opened on 30th November.

We chose Brierley Hill because it's location and the local road network means it is easily accessible from anywhere in the West Midlands - meaning our existing customers could all reach us without too much trouble. Having a physical premises has meant that we can now offer a more comprehensive selection of natural food and treats and also develop our healthcare and supplements offering.

The aim of the shop is to offer some of the best natural pet products available in the UK. The health and well being of your pet is at the heart of everything we do, and being natural has the added benefit of most dogs and cats preferring it over more processed products.

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