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Natural Dog Treats West Midlands

Natural Pet Products

Available In Store

We have carefully selected each and every product that we sell, ensuring that we are offering some of the best products on the market.

When deciding whether or not to stock a product, we ask ourselves the question "Would I give it to my dog or cat" If the answer is no, then it isn't a product we want to sell to you for you to give to your pet either.

Our Products: Our Products
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Raw Food

We stock three brands of raw food, Paleo Riage, Jack Wolf and Akela. These are, in our opinion, three of the finest on the market.

There are products available for dogs and cats, and we can cater for most special dietary requirements.

Choose from complete meals or hand pick individual items from the DIY range.

Whether new to raw, or a seasoned raw feeder, we are here to help.

Dry Dog Food

Unlike many shops that sell raw food, we are not purists.

Raw is great, but it doesn't suit every dog and it certainly doesn't suit everyone's lifestyle. This is why we have sourced a fantastic range and dry and wet food that still offers your dog a more natural diet.

Akela is the only dry dog food that we would consider feeding our own dogs, therefore it is the only dry dog food that we're willing to sell.

Wet Dog Food

To complement the range of Akela dry dog food, we also stock an extensive range of Akela wet dog food.

This range is a complete food in it's own right, however it is most commonly used with the Akela dry dog food to add variety and flavor to your dog's meals.

Available in 10 different varieties, there's something for even the fussiest of eaters.

Yawning Cat
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For Cats

It's not just dog's that we cater for. Many of the products we sell are suitable for both cats and dogs.

Some of our raw, pure meat, natural treats and supplements and remedies are just as good for felines!

In addition, we have a wet and dry food from Akela that is specifically for cats. Made to the same high standards as the dog food, Akela is of the highest quality.

Pure Meat Range

The pure meat range does what it says on the tin, it's made from 100% human grade meat.

Available products include paté sausages, meat sticks and training treats.

There are some very unusual proteins in this range, making it ideal for high value training rewards.

Healthy and hypoallergenic varieties are available within this range.

Large Treats & Long Lasting Chews

We stock a variety of large treats and long lasting chews. From red deer antler to a full bulls pizzle to ostrich bones - there's something to keep every dog entertained for hours!!


Fur On Treats

We have an excellent selection of fur on treats available.

Fur is an important part of a dog's diet, it acts as a digestive cleanser and can aid in natural worming.

By offering a different smell, texture and  taste fur can help to entice the more relctant chewer.

Ears, legs and rolled skin are all available with fur on.

Packaged Treats

We have a selection of natural packaged treats available.

Some really interesting ostrich products, some high value fish treats including fish skin cubes and dried sprats and others.

As with all of our other products, our packaged treats are natural. They do not contain any additives or preservatives and have not bee. filled with sugar or salt.

Loose Treats

We have a wide selection of loose treats available. From roe deer legs to pigs snouts, all are completely natural animal products.

In the wild, predators eat all of the animal - nothing goes to waste. Not only does feeding treats of this nature suit the dog, we also think environmentally it's better to use the whole animal.


Healthcare & Supplements

We stock a wide range of herbal feed supplements, herbal creams and ointments and other natural healthcare products.

The full Holistic Hounds range is available both in store and on line, and we have complimented the range with products from other carefully selected suppliers to offer a comprehensive range of herbal treatments.

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