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Holistic Medicine For Animals

We all want the best for our little furry friends. They will keep us company on the cold nights in and make us laugh when they perform their strange, unique and adorable routines. One aspect of keeping a dog, cat or any other pet in the home that is forgotten about is their health when considered beyond taking them to the vets. It can be easy to feed and walk them and think that is enough. Our task at Holistic Hounds is to provide holistic medicine for animals that comes in the form of our herbal supplements.

Our one-off service is the ideal way to secure diverse and specially crafted holistic medicines that have a footing in science and experience. Each of the herbal supplements that we supply on our online store have been carefully curated and come from 100% natural sources. To help you understand more about some of our products, here are three that could be perfect as a holistic medicine for your animal:

  1. Digestion Blend: Ideal if you dog or cat has digestion problems or has an upset stomach and to maintain a healthy digestion system.

  2. Joints Blend: Ageing animals need support to aid their daily movements. This joints blend is ideal for maintaining strong joints and bones.

  3. Soothing Spritz Spray: A camomile and tea tree concoction that will help to relax and calm your pet from scratching or to help them unwind at night.

If you would like to discover more about our holistic medicine for animals, get in contact with us today.

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