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Natural Pet Medicine

Here in the UK our pets are very much members of our families, often loved and spoilt in the same way our children are. Therefore, it is only natural that when your pet is suffering with some form of ailment, you will do whatever is needed to relieve their pain and increase their quality of life. When searching for ‘answers’ for your pet, it is important not just to consider drugs but also what holistic natural pet medicine may be on offer.

Here at Holistic Hounds we specialise in natural pet medicine and holistic therapies to fight day-to-day conditions. We see pet healthcare from a different perspective to that of vets, we consider the whole of the pet’s body when assessing the best approach to take and not just the part that they are experiencing problems with. Afterall, symptoms may be present in one part of their body that is actually caused by something in another part. Pet healthcare issues are rarely simple and we believe all pets should be treated on a case by case basis.

If you would like further information as to how we can help you and your pet, get in touch with us today.

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