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Try Our Calming Remedies For Dogs

It is never easy to keep your pet calm and relaxed. They will have their funny moments where they go zipping around the garden or ram themselves into the side of the sofa. However, there are some occasions where they are finding it hard to relax for a completely rational reason.

At Holistic Hounds we are passionate about the difference that our calming remedies for dogs can make to your pets. There are many situations that you may find your dog is acting a little strange or worried and this includes:

  • Fireworks night or Bonfire Night

  • New Year celebrations

  • Loud noises from planes, helicopters or army training

  • Lots of people in one place

  • Other dogs

It’s completely natural for your dog to be anxious or nervous in these situations. Our job is to create herbal calming remedies for dogs that are ideally suited to guiding your dog towards a more relaxed state.

Rather than simply sedate your pet like some medicines, our herbal remedies will focus on the key features of traditional medicine. This holistic approach provides a risk-free calming remedy that you can apply at any time of the day when your dog is feeling a little overawed.

Our calming remedies for dogs will give you the best chance of keeping your furry little friend relaxed, no matter what is happening.

Speak to us today to find out more.

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