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Why Choose Our Dog Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety is common in dogs of any age. Some will have inherited it during their upbringing while others may have been involved in a bad experience once upon a time. There are even some common anxiety-inducing occasions in many dogs such as fireworks or large crowds. If you would like to offer your dog the best natural supplements to guide and calm them through their anxious spells, our online store at Holistic Hounds could be ideal.

As the name suggests we are dedicated to offering holistic and completely natural solutions to help pets overcome problems relating to anxiety, joint issues, irritations, skin issues and more. Our dog anxiety treatments could be ideal for your furry little friend to provide them with a naturally occurring and herbal remedy created by us.

What is in our dog anxiety treatment and how does it work?

We have two distinct products to aid and help anxiety in dogs. Our Calming Blend of chamomile, passion flower, valerian, rosemary and meadowsweet herbs can be added to their normal food or combined with cod liver oil when using dry food for easy consumption.

The second dog anxiety treatment that we have at Holistic Hounds is a Soothing Spritz Spray which can be used as a regular or as a temporary relief for anxiety.

To discover more about our dog anxiety treatment and how it can help your dog’s specific issues, get in contact with our team today.

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