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Discover The Power Of Holistic Medicine For Animals

You will often wait until a trip to the vets to get any medicine for your pet. Animals are just like us. Sometimes they will need nutrients and remedies that can help to boost their immune system and keep them healthy.

We have become a homemade and leading creator of holistic medicines for animals which is based on our experience and research into the common problems that pets face at home. Anxiety, eye infections, joint problems, worm and fleas, ear blockages and itchy skin.

Our online store at Holistic Hounds is designed to provide and deliver holistic medicine for animals that can help to ease the worries of pet owners for their furry little friends.

Why choose holistic medicine for animals rather than normal medicine?

Holistic therapy and medicinal practices are effective at helping to get to solve an issue completely, not merely papering over the cracks. Whether your dog is facing anxiety at certain points of the day, you want to ease their joint problems, or you are concerned about a build up of ear wax, our holistic medicine could be perfect.

We have a range of herbal medicines, spritz sprays and infusion bags which can be used separately or jointly to create a safe and natural treatment for whatever their problems are.

To find out what goes into our holistic medicine for animals at Holistic Hounds, get in contact with us today.

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