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Find And Buy Calming Medication For Dogs In The UK

Your dog will go through a range of emotions during a standard day. The excitement when you wake up in the morning, the sadness when you leave for just ten minutes, the happiness when you come home once more and the joy when the dog lead jangles. However, it’s not always cut and dry when it comes to how your dog is feeling at any one moment.


If you are worried about your dog, their anxiety problems or are concerned about their reaction to certain things, you will want a calming medication suitable for all dogs that can help to relax them. At Holistic Hounds we have become a leading provider of herbal medicines which are bereft of harmful toxins, chemicals or anything else you may find in some products.

What is inside our calming medication for dogs?

We have two main products in our selection for calming your dog down from their troubles:

  • Calming spritz spray: An instant relief can be felt from the use of the spritz spray which contains lavender and chamomile for a fresh and relaxing aroma for your dog.

  • Calming herbal blend: Added to their food simply and easily, this herbal blend utilises the power of chamomile, passion flower, valerian, rosemary and meadowsweet herb.

To discover more about our calming medication for dogs, speak with our team who put them together.

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