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Where To Find Calming Remedies For Dogs Online

Keeping your little furry friend safe and healthy throughout the year will be your priority. When your dog seems to be worried, scatty or anxious about someone, something or some sound, it’s vital you find the right remedy.

Our holistic and natural remedies are designed to provide your dog with a nutritious herbal concoction that helps to improve their condition. Whether it’s a one-off moment or a regular occurrence, our online store at Holistic Hounds could be perfect.

What calming remedies for dogs online can I buy?

We have worked hard to produce 100% natural products which can offer your dog relief for their anxiety troubles. These come in the form of herbal sachets which can be added to food or spritz sprays packed full of natural ingredients that are proven to provide a calming effect to dogs.

How do our products offer a calming effect for your dog?

Our calming spritz spray is made from natural herbs and combines chamomile and lavender floral water to create a gorgeous but not overwhelming scent for your dog to enjoy. It is particularly useful when there are thunderstorms, fireworks nights and trips to the vets as the spritz spray can promote calm and relieve anxiety.

If you would like to understand more about our calming remedies for dogs, get in contact with us today.

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